Spooky Haunted Locations in Muntinlupa

Muntinlupa, just like any other places and cities, also has its own haunted locations. Horror stories with different versions about ghosts, unidentified entities, spread around the city and became legends to locals up until now. There are lots of haunted places in Muntinlupa, including cemeteries and old infrastructures that trigger our curiosity. Below are some of the famous horror stories you may already heard of.

Old Math Building

This known high school  is just one jeep or tricycle away from Bayan (Poblacion) Muntinlupa.. The school belongs to a mountainous area, that’s why it has a lot of rocky and uphill directions. The story begins in an old math building (which is gone now) as the students claimed ‘one of the territories’ of evil elements in Batibot. The old math building is the only building around the area of Batibot. Batibot is like a mini forest of the school where the students can study and relax while sitting on the sheds under the trees. Back in year 2011, there were no light poles if you take the exit at night in Batibot, so you can imagine yourself walking at night in the middle of a vast forest with no other sources of light.Every now and then, when the night falls, countless events of students in the old math building being possessed with strange strength and screaming of blasphemous words  can be seen inside the school clinic.

The Road of Soil-coated Cemetery

This cemetery in Muntinlupa is known for the vast land of its area, peaceful and windy than any other cemetery in the city. The place might be a perfect place as the resting grave of the dead, but not for the people who encountered disturbing and scary situations. Based on the experience of a motorcycle rider, it was already dark when he was driving alone around the Chinese cemetery area. To his surprise and fear, when he took glance at his side mirror, he saw someone at his back ride. And during at night, shadows in human form can be seen walking around in the cemetery.

The Bridge Along Lakeview

There is one bridge in Lakeview known for being an accident prone area. According to the people who live nearby, there is a white lady who loves to roam around the bridge. While the white lady take the bridge as her own castle, the people see it as a haunted one and the reason for all the accidents. It was great advice to avoid going near the bridge at midnight. Rumors say, the white lady will make fun of whoever crosses the bridge.

Haunted Mall Former Cemetery

If there is one central point of rumours of an establishment being haunted, a mall in Alabang which is formerly known as a cemetery, is definitely the most famous.  It is also considered as one of the scariest location in the Philippines. When the mall was built in the ’90s, some of the unclaimed remains of the dead got buried under the now well- established mall. According to the people who worked in the mall, especially in the cinemas, they usually hear loud laughing voices from the audience but only a few of them comes out after the show ended.

Ghost, unknown elements, and other scary entities in this world are existing, just like how humans exist too. But the difference is, humans live their lives by choices and wants, these entities, exist for unknown reasons at all. Have you remembered to pay a visit to your love one’s grave and utter a prayer for them last All Soul’s Day?

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Written by Joyce Catarig

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