Making Yourself Productive During Traffic

Skyway’s new extension project creates fuss for every commuter.

The ongoing Skyway extension was projected to improve both South and North’s heavy traffic but as what we are seeing now, we have to suffer first before we experience better things. ‘Ya know, process. 


Muntinlupa is one of the cities struggling due to heavy traffic. It starts from Susana Heights (through South Luzon Expressway) which causes public jeepneys or any vehicles to just route through National Road which as well, makes the National Road more crowded. It’s like domino effect isn’t it?

Now, if we look at the positive side, we can make ourselves productive during traffic like this.

So here are some tips.

I have asked several commuters on how they make the traffic a worthwhile and here are the top 10 answers.

1. Read your favorite book/s. This is such a common thing for every bookworm out there who’s been stuck on traffic for an hour. It can lessen your stress level with the thought of when will the never ending traffic be gone and just chill for a moment.

2. Watching vlogs, series, etc. Entertaining yourself in that way isn’t bad. It’s the same when we are at home all alone. We usually just sit on the couch, turn on the television and scan for an interesting movies or teleseryes. Good thing, you can also do that while on the road. If you’re not that interested on reading books, this might be a good choice.

3. Work on paperwork you need to do. In that way, you can pass it on time by using your “stuck time” during traffic. It’s actually kinda weird to do this if you don’t have your own car, but this will work if you are on a rush.

4. Call your loved ones. It’s good to just talk to someone than to be annoyed by the traffic. You might have missed some of your homies out there so why not communicate.

5. Listen to your favorite music. Like what we usually do. We all have that traffic jam playlist when on the road but it’s actually a good chance to explore more and get out of your comfort genre with music. Y’all might be sleeping on some good music out there.

6. Make a to-do-list. Sort out all the things you want and need to do that day/on that week. Being organize had become so underrated nowadays. Fix that schedule and deadlines of yours!

7. Sightseeing. It’s applicable for long trips. Appreciating the nature is just so refreshing. It’s also nice to do this thing especially when you’re on a soul searching phase of your life, such a mood maker and I believe that it helps you more than scrolling up your Instagram feed. No kidding.

8. Play mobile games. You might be one of those gamers out there who’s “me time” is to play mobile games, this is probably the first thing to come up to your mind when stuck on the road. But it’s not just about those gamers, you can also play mobile games even when you’re not entitled as a gamer. Play riddles!

9. Eating. Grab snacks to avoid hunger. It’s a pretty good thing when you always have those finger foods or snacks with you. You can also include some fruits in your bag or have that sandwich-on-the-go made up of tomato, lettuce and cheese. Perfect!

10. Last but not the least, meditate. Aside from sleeping, to make it more productive you can just meditate and breathe as you forget (for a while) the troubles life has brought to you. Relax!

While we are expecting the reopening of the Skyway next year and hoping for a better result, take note of the things you can do to ease your headaches caused by the traffic.

How about you? What are the things you do to pass time when stuck in traffic?

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Written by Leahmarie Eslava

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