Ho Chai Lai Restaurant Review

The usual the food’s delicious is an understatement. What you will discover here is a worthy substitute to your go-to Chinese restaurant.

As there are many options, from fast food to fine dining restaurants, it sure is difficult to find a place serving authentic Chinese food. Look no more as there is one near you. Right along the National Road in Tunasan lies Ho Chai Lai Restaurant.

In front of the restaurant is the parking for its customers. You may find it troublesome to park your vehicle as the establishment is located in a busy road and the parking slot is limited to six vehicles. However, as to my experience, the security guard is more than willing to assist customers. This made my parking experience hassle-free.

Upon entering, the first thing you may possibly notice is the smell of food lingering around the area which might be a problem for some as the smell might stick with their clothes (it did not in my experience though).  Along with that is the simplicity of the place as it is void of fancy decorations and furniture. With a television switched on a local channel, the place seemingly exudes a vibe similar to what it is like at home.

The servers, on the other hand, will enrich your Ho Chai Lai experience with their friendly and accommodating service. They will make sure that customers’ demands are always met. In fact, when they forgot to serve us water, they willingly went to our table to ask what we need.

Three dishes were served, and those are what will make your mouths watery in this article.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Topped with chorizo bilbao, eggs, shrimp, and vegetables, Ho Chai Lai’s yang chow is something you surely don’t want to miss. Along with the fried rice’s chewy texture, chorizo Biblao’s succulent taste stands out which is what brought flavour to this dish.

Others who are keen on food presentation might find the colours of this dish lacking as it does not have that much colour variety.

One serving is priced 220 pesos which is good for 3-4 persons (as per Ho Chai Lai) which may not hold true for some.

Stuffed Squid

Stuffed Squid

At first sight, this might be judged as something regular, but don’t let looks deceive you as this will not disappoint. Dredged in breading and fried until crispy yet at the same time chewy, this dish is filled with a vegetable that gives out a bit of bitterness. Pair it up with its thick, brown, sweet-spicy sauce, then you will find the perfect combination.

Hoisin Fried Chicken

Hoisin Fried Chicken

Drenched in hoisin sauce, this dish is what you will look forward to in your next Ho Chai Lai visit.

In every bite, you will savour its sweet and salty flavour. The chicken meat is tender that you won’t be able to distinguish which chicken part is which. It also is surprisingly crispy though it’s smothered in sauce.

This dish is priced 295 pesos and is good for 3-5 persons.

What We Like

  • Fast and efficient service (average waiting time is 15-20 mins)
  • Friendly and accommodating crew
  • Flavourful food

What We Don’t Like

  • Cooking smell lingering in the dining area
  • Parking area might be full at times

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